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Guoxin Light Industry Machinery Co., Ltd., referred to as “Guoxin Light Machine”, was founded in 1953 and has a long history and heavy technical inheritance. Guoxin Light Machine is located in the famous historical and cultural town of China - the new town of Shandong Province, Wuhua Tianbao, outstanding people.
Guoxin Light Machine is mainly engaged in paper pulping technology integration equipment. Mainly for you:
Complete technical integration equipment such as 5-40 thousand tons/year waste paper pulping process, equipment manufacturing, integrated control, etc.
1-5 million tons / year special paper waste paper pulp production integration technology equipment
5-20 million tons / year of chemical pulp, washing, selection, bleaching and other major sections of technical equipment
Guoxin Light Machine is known for its ability to digest and absorb international advanced technology. GX drum pulper enjoys a high reputation in the domestic and international industries.
The company's latest dedication: learning to absorb a number of international advanced technology, has developed 50-100t / d paper waste residue recycling technology and equipment and 50-200t / d garbage cleaning sorting resource technology equipment, waste materials, cost-effective, Turning waste into treasure.
The recycling of paper waste and related social waste will enable you to obtain huge economic benefits. The reduction and harmless treatment of social waste will enable you to gain social credibility and sustainable development.
Guoxin Light Machine has a land area of 80,000 m2 and an asset of 120 million yuan. It is known for its stainless steel manufacturing technology and has advanced manufacturing technologies such as ductile casting technology, plasma/laser numerical control cutting, submerged arc welding, argon arc welding and CNC machining centers, and heavy-duty machine tools.
Guoxin Light Machine is known for its economic and technical services. With economic and technical analysis/value engineering methods, we provide you with multi-faceted solutions based on your market positioning requirements. Your profit is the goal of Guoxin people.

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Clean pulping is the goal of our product manufacturing

Resource regeneration is the driving force for our career development

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Responsibility learning dedication cooperation

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Consolidate the foundation, strive for excellence, honesty, customer first