• coarse sifter

    coarse sifter

    This is a combination of dissociation, washing and cleaning, fiber grading, separation of light and heavy impurities. According to the slag Read More

  • Hydraulic pulper unit

    Hydraulic pulper unit

    Hydraulic pulper advantages: 1. Medium-concentrated pulp, pulp concentration 4%-8%; 2. The optimized S-shaped rotor geometry design can prRead More

  • drum pulper

    drum pulper

    The drum pulping system is mainly used in the waste paper pulping process, and has high disintegration efficiency for raw materials such as Read More

  • CSM coarse slag screening

    CSM coarse slag screening

    This is a composite waste sorting device that integrates dissociation, washing and cleaning, fiber grading, and separation of light and heavRead More

  • 搓揉机


    The pulping and papermaking equipment produced by our factory is a high-concentration mechanical pulp technology originating from abroad. ItRead More

  • Cylinder screen

    Cylinder screen

    The sieve-like cylindrical sieve is mounted on a rectangular tank with rollers for rolling and rotating. The cylinder is designed with a cleRead More

  • Strong pulper

    Strong pulper

    Product advantages: 1, FSVR powerful pulper is mainly used for disintegrating (A) OCC, wet strength paper, double-sided laminating LPB and oRead More

  • MSM coarse screening

    MSM coarse screening

    Pressure screen is suitable for OCC, DIP deinking pulp coarse screening system, mainly used for one-stage sieve and two-stage sieve. AdvantaRead More

  • Combined high-concentration cleaner

    Combined high-concentration cleaner

    Features The double sand removal is also known as the first stage two stage slag removal. The compound high-concentration slag remover consiRead More

  • Disc heat dispersion

    Disc heat dispersion

    Features are mainly used to disperse hot melts such as glues and greases in various waste paper pulps, as well as ink particles. Improve papRead More

  • Conical refiner

    Conical refiner

    Features are mainly used for the coarse, fine grinding and paper loss of pulp, and the re-pulping of waste paper. It is especially suitable Read More

  • Double disc refiner

    Double disc refiner

    Features The double disc refiner is mainly used for continuous beating. It is often used in the refining section of wood pulp, straw pulp anRead More

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