Paper waste treatment equipment

  • CSM coarse slag screening

    CSM coarse slag screening

    This is a composite waste sorting device that integrates dissociation, washing and cleaning, fiber grading, and separation of light and heavRead More

  • 搓揉机


    The pulping and papermaking equipment produced by our factory is a high-concentration mechanical pulp technology originating from abroad. ItRead More

  • Cylinder screen

    Cylinder screen

    The sieve-like cylindrical sieve is mounted on a rectangular tank with rollers for rolling and rotating. The cylinder is designed with a cleRead More

  • Bounce Screen

    Bounce Screen

    The bouncing screen in the papermaking waste treatment equipment is a newly designed screening device with a parabolic rock vibration structRead More

  • Lincoln crusher

    Lincoln crusher

    The Lincoln Crusher is an internationally advanced technology that is available in single or double roll configurations to suit different prRead More