coarse sifter

coarse sifter

Product Details

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This is a set of dissociation, washing and cleaning, fiber A composite device that classifies and separates light and heavy impurities into one. According to the slag content of the slag, it is divided into B type and C type, and has multiple motor power options. The lower casing of the equipment is designed with a feeding port, and the casing is designed with an impeller and a sieve plate. The rotating impeller completely dissociates the paper and the fiber mass in the slurry (slag) material, and is discharged from the fine pulp port.

The heavy slag is discharged from the heavy slag.

Product advantage:

1, the device can be operated continuously and the pass rate is high, the feed pressure control is simple, the concentration reaches 3%;

2, no fiber slag discharge, dryness of slag discharge reaches 30%, energy consumption is low.