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What are the factors that affect the efficiency of the pulper?
- 2020-08-20-

The following isPulper manufacturersIntroduce to everyoneInfluence hydraulicPulperEffectiveness factorWhat are the main points?:

1.HydraulicPulperInfluence of temperature: After the temperature is increased, the waste paper is softened, and the slurry is easy to absorb moisture and break down, especially those re-sized paper or printing paper containing ink. In addition, the viscosity of the pulp decreases due to the increase in temperature and has good fluidity, thereby promoting the disintegration of the pulp.

2.HydraulicPulperInfluence of concentration: It is beneficial to increase the disintegration concentration under the condition of ensuring good slurry circulation. It is known from experiments that the concentration has a linear relationship with the power consumption, but the energy consumption per unit output decreases with the increase of the concentration, and has little effect on the disintegration effect and disintegration time.

3.PulperThe influence of disintegration time: under certain operating conditions, there must be an effective disintegration interval, beyond this interval, the increase in disintegration rate is very small; it is uneconomical to try to extend the time to improve the disintegration effect. Therefore, the disintegration time must be controlled to make it operate within the effective time range.

4.PulperThe effect of raw material properties: due to the difference in water swelling capacity and fiber binding capacity of various slurries processed, the disintegration effect is different. It shows that different slurry has different disintegration rate in the same time.

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