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What are the advantages of horizontal continuous hydraulic pulpers?
- 2019-12-02-

Horizontal continuous hydraulic pulper is a kind of pulping equipment, which belongs to the category of equipment accessories. It is also called a Volt-type horizontal hydraulic pulper, which can be used to process unsorted waste paper. Its structure is different from the vertical hydraulic pulper, mainly in that there is a side-mounted rotor and a heavy slag collector connected to the lower end of the circular groove. So, what are its advantages, let the editor of China Paper Net introduce to you.

1. It can continuously remove non-fiber impurities, ropes, iron wires and other bundle-shaped substances that are difficult to break.

2. Power consumption is lower than intermittent type, and equipment utilization is high.

3. Large production capacity, less investment cost for auxiliary equipment such as slurry tank and slurry pump.

4. Suitable for processing all kinds of waste paper.

5. The blades of the rotor are less worn and the heavy impurities are easily removed.

6. Simple structure, convenient maintenance, low equipment height and small floor space.

The above is my introduction to the advantages of horizontal continuous hydraulic pulpers.

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