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What are the advantages and disadvantages of the vertical intermittent hydraulic pulper?
- 2019-12-06-

Vertical intermittent hydraulic pulper is a kind of pulping equipment, which belongs to the category of equipment accessories. The structure of the hydraulic pulper mainly includes tank, turntable, rotor and bottom knife ring. It mainly relies on the mechanical action and hydraulic action produced by the rotation of the rotor to achieve the purpose of shredding waste paper, of which hydraulic action is the main function. This kind of equipment is mainly suitable for decomposing pulp board, recopying lost paper inside the workshop and purchasing waste paper with less impurities. So, what are its advantages and disadvantages, let the editor of China Paper Net introduce to you.

Advantages: 1. The degree of disintegration of the slurry is relatively stable, which is convenient for mastering the amount of feed, the amount of water added, the deinking time and the reaction temperature. 2. If there is no equipment such as decomposing machine and multi-stage screen in the process, the use of intermittent type can reduce equipment investment costs.

Disadvantages: 1. Large energy consumption per unit. 2. The non-disintegration time of feeding and discharging is longer, which reduces the production capacity of the equipment. 3. Not suitable for installing bucket slag lifter and noose device. 4. Not suitable for processing waste paper with many impurities.

The above is an introduction to the advantages and disadvantages of the vertical intermittent hydraulic pulper.

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