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2019 Annual Conference of Shandong Paper is grandly held in Dongshun Group
- 2019-10-28-

On October 24-25, 2019, Shandong Paper's 2019 Academic Annual Conference was grandly held at the Dongshun Group Conference Center. Cao Zhenlei, Chairman of the China Paper Society, Director of the China Tissue Paper Professional Committee, Chen Jiachuan, Chairman of the Shandong Paper Society, President (Dean) of Qilu University of Technology (Shandong Academy of Sciences), Liu Yu, Deputy Secretary of Dongping County Party Committee, and County Paper Society, Shandong Paper Society Wang Zefeng, Vice Chairman, Chairman of Shandong Paper Industry Association, President of Shandong Paper Research and Design Institute, Chen Shuming, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Dongshun Group, Liu Dejun, Director of Strategic Planning Institute of Shandong Macroeconomic Research Institute, Shandong Paper Industry Zhao Zhendong, vice president and secretary-general of the association, Zhang Jinsheng, vice chairman of Shandong Papermaking Society, Chen Fushan, executive director of Shandong Papermaking Society, dean of Qingdao University of Science and Technology, and deputy secretary-general of Shandong Papermaking Society, Qilu University of Technology With representatives of Kong Fangong, executive deputy director of the State Key Laboratory of Green Papermaking, and representatives from five deputy director units including Chenming Paper, Huatai Paper, Sun Paper, Century Sunshine Paper, and Quanlin Paper, as well as papermaking General managers and chief engineers of related companies totaling more than 50 units of about 15 0 people attended the event.

On the afternoon of October 24, the Shandong Papermaking Society held the second executive board meeting in 2019. On the morning of the 25th, Qu Feng, deputy secretary of the Tai'an Municipal Party Committee and secretary of the Dongping County Party Committee, met with Cao Zhenlei, chairman of the China Papermaking Society, and Qilu, chairman of the Shandong Papermaking Society. Chen Jiachuan, president of the University of Technology and his party. He said that since the establishment of Qilu University of Technology, it has adhered to service development and production-oriented, and is committed to cultivating more application-oriented talents with strong practical ability, innovative ability and advocating hard work. At present, Dongping is firmly focusing on accelerating the conversion of old and new kinetic energy, focusing on high-quality development, and has established a "steady 'ecological county' approach, and grasped the 'three priorities of party building, development, and people's livelihood'." It is hoped that Qilu University of Technology will give full play to the advantages of talent pool, intelligence intensiveness, and advanced technology, select more experts and talents from Dongping, invest more resources, and provide decision-making consultation and intellectual support for guiding and supporting Dongping development. Dongping County will cherish opportunities, build a comprehensive cooperative service system, and strive to make Dongping an important base for science and technology research and development, achievement transformation, and personnel training at Qilu University of Technology.

On the morning of October 25th, the leaders, experts and guests visited Dongshun Industrial Park District 1 and District 2, Dongshun Clean Energy Project and Dongshun Cultural Center and took a group photo.

On the morning of the 25th, the Secretary-General of Shandong Papermaking Society and Deputy Dean of Shandong Papermaking Research and Design Institute hosted the meeting. President Chen Jiachuan delivered a speech at the event and extended a warm welcome to the leaders and experts attending the Shandong Paper Academic Conference. He introduced the basic situation of Qilu University of Technology (Shandong Academy of Sciences) in detail, and said that the majority of paper science and technology workers are shouldering new tasks. The historical mission and responsibility must always adhere to the concept of green development and innovation-driven, promote the transformation and upgrading of the paper industry, and enter the correct track of high-quality and healthy development.

Dong Yu, deputy secretary of the county party committee and county mayor Liu Yu delivered a speech at the ceremony. He said that the signing of the cooperation agreement between Dongshun Group and Qilu University of Technology is a major measure for the two sides to deepen cooperation and seek common development. An important step in win-win situation will effectively promote the rapid growth of enterprises and the economic development of Dongping County. The Shandong Papermaking Academic Annual Conference is a grand gathering of academics, academic exchanges and friendships. The entrepreneurs participating in the annual conference are all elites and leaders in the industry. I hope that everyone will be familiar with Dongping and understand Dongping through this event. Lay an important foundation for future cooperation. Dongping County Party Committee and County Government will fully support the development of the paper industry with more intimate, more efficient and better services. We firmly believe that with the strong support of industry associations and societies, Dongshun Industrial Park will surely become a well-known living paper industry base in the country.

Chen Jiachuan presented the guest professor of Qilu University of Technology to the chairman of Dongshun Group, Chen Shuming.

At the ceremony, the State Key Laboratory of Bio-based Materials and Green Papermaking of Qilu University of Technology signed a contract with Dongshun Group; Chen Jiachuan issued a letter of appointment for visiting professor of Qilu University of Technology for Chen Shuming, chairman of Dongshun Group; leaders of the meeting presented paper and paper technology innovation for college students in Shandong Province Winners of the Creative Contest will be awarded.

Chairman Cao Zhenlei gave a wonderful speech on "Review and Challenges of Pulp and Paper Industry Development", and Director Liu Dejun gave a special report on "How to Look at the Current Situation", focusing on hot issues such as industry development and prospects, and the current economic situation. Comprehensive and forward-looking report; Chen Shufa, vice president of Dongshun Group, exchanged typical experience in corporate development, representing the survival and development of Shandong papermaking enterprises, especially household paper companies; Kong Fangong introduced the first of the 2019 The meeting of the council and the progress and work of the Society over the past two years.

On the afternoon of the 25th, the meeting was chaired by Zhang Jinsheng, vice chairman of the Shandong Paper Society, and held special lectures and technical exchanges. Chen Jiachuan made a report on "Innovation Drives Green Development and Combination of Agricultural Paper-Promoting the Adjustment of Raw Material Structure". He specifically introduced the advanced technology of straw biomechanical pulping. He emphasized the importance of "integrated agricultural paper" and predicted Wood pulp and non-wood pulp in virgin pulp will be evenly divided; Zheng Jintao, general manager of Shandong Youpaite Paper Machinery Co., Ltd., shares the application of thermal spraying in papermaking equipment; in order to avoid plastic marine pollution, Shandong Henglian New Material Co., Ltd. green fiber Project manager Jia Fengwei introduced the industrial development of new solvent cellulosic materials, and Zhang Wei, director of the technology center of Shandong Sun Paper Co., Ltd. introduced the research and development of plastic-free coated food packaging paper; Shandong Huanfa Technology Development Co., Ltd. Tao Xixia, the Minister of Engineering, shared the closed-cycle water technology for pulp and paper, highlighting the outstanding advantages of the PACA oxidation-reduction method; Qu Gang, senior manager of the Corporate Social Responsibility Department of Asia Pacific Senbo (Shandong) Pulp and Paper Co., Ltd. Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy Practice; Qilu University of Technology Professor Qiang Wang from a key laboratory shared the application research of cellulase in the production of dissolving pulp, focusing on the experimental research on the key factors affecting the viscosity and reactivity of the enzyme.

The conference analyzed the development of the industry in combination with macroeconomics, covering topics and areas such as environmental protection, equipment, new products, and biomass materials. The combination of reality and reality, rich in content, touched the hotspots and difficulties of the development of the industry. It was unanimously recognized by the leaders, experts and guests, and the meeting was a complete success.

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