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Zibo Guoxin Light Machinery has officially signed a contract with Henan Yinge Industrial Investment Co., Ltd. for the φ3750 drum pulper!
- 2019-10-29-

Recently, Zibo Guoxin Light Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Guoxin Light Machinery") officially signed a contract with Henan Yinge Industrial Investment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Yinge Investment") for a φ3750mm drum pulper!

In 2002, Guoxin Light Machine successfully launched the first rotary drum pulper in China after intensive research and development. From 2002 to 2018, in the 16 years, with the efforts of all employees of Guoxin Light Machine, more than 300 domestic drum performances were created. Amazing performance of dozens of drum pulpers. The drum pulper of Guoxin Light Machinery has always occupied an important position in the domestic and foreign papermaking markets.

2019 is another extraordinary year for Guoxin. After years of experience accumulation and market research by Guoxin Light Machinery, relying on the core technology of drum pulper, Guoxin Light Machinery's drum pulper Sublimated once. In terms of core support to ensure smooth operation, Guoxin Light Machine first modified the eight-point support and wheel-holding structure; double-sided drive; in terms of materials, Guoxin Light Machine summarized the materials that are most suitable for each part of the drum pulper operation; In terms of internal structure, Guoxin's special modified internal scraper greatly reduces the probability of twisted ropes.

In March of this year, Yinge Investment held an open tender for the second base drum pulper reconstruction project. Many well-known domestic paper machinery and equipment manufacturers actively participated. Under fierce competition, Guoxin Light Machinery became the last with high quality and technology. The successful bidders have been signed and put into production.

This time, the cooperation between Guoxin Light Machinery and Yinge Investment is a good promotion for the revamped drum pulper of Guoxin, which also means that Guoxin Light Machinery has improved in the domestic market. Guoxin Light Machine will continue to maintain its excellent quality, and be responsible for itself, customers and the market!

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