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Guoxin Light Machinery cooperates with Chongqing Lee & Man Paper to implement waste recycling project
- 2019-11-06-

In May 2019, Guoxin Light Machinery successfully signed a contract with Chongqing Lee & Man Paper Co., Ltd. for the papermaking waste recycling project. Recently, all equipment and its supporting equipment have arrived at the site. This project is fully underway!


The picture shows the person in charge of Lee & Man's construction at the construction site

Guoxin Light Machinery's latest research and development of papermaking waste residue treatment technology is domestic advanced technology. 95% of the fibers, plastics, and metals in the waste residue can be recovered, which truly realizes the harmlessness, reduction and resource utilization of papermaking residue. This project is currently in full swing, and the start-up and production are close at hand. Let us wait and see!




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