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The key equipment of 100,000 tons / year high-yield machine pulp——the high-concentration disc mill was successfully developed
- 2019-11-13-


The picture shows the double disc refiner of Guoxin Light Machinery, the pictures are different, only for decoration

High-yield machine pulp is a new type of pulping technology. Although it has a short history, it has developed rapidly. China is the world's largest producer and consumer of high-yield machine pulp. It was the first in the country in the late 1990s. After the high-yield pulp pulp production line was completed and put into operation, China's high-yield pulp production has developed very rapidly. Up to now, more than 30 high-yield pulp production lines have been completed with a production capacity of about 3 million tons.
The high-yield mechanical pulp mainly includes Andritz's basic hydrogen peroxide mechanical pulp (APMP or PRC-APMP) and Valmet's chemical thermal grinding mechanical pulp (CTMP or BCTMP). The process methods and process conditions used are different. However, the main equipment of the production line is basically the same. The key core equipment of the chemical pulp production line is a high-concentration refiner. At present, the high-yield pulping process technology and key equipment technologies are basically monopolized by the multinational companies Andritz and Valmet. The main equipment of high-yield machine pulp production lines of more than 50,000 tons per year is provided by these two companies. Imported equipment expensive.
Andritz's high-consistency refiner is a single- or double-disc high-concentration disc refiner. With the improvement of the production line capacity, it develops from normal pressure to pressure mill, single-disc mill to double-disc mill, and high-concentration disc mill. The maximum size of the machine is 72 inches, the maximum production capacity of a single disc mill is 150,000 tons / year, and the maximum production capacity of a double disc mill is 250,000 tons / year. Valmet's high-concentration refiner is a cone mill with a maximum specification of 82 inches. The maximum production capacity of a single line is 250,000 tons / year.
Domestic research on high-yield mechanical pulp technology and equipment technology started late, with small equipment capacity, large energy consumption, and poor flexibility and adaptability. Although it can support the production of some auxiliary equipment, the research and development capabilities of key equipment and the design of complete production lines Compared with foreign countries, there is a large gap in capabilities and integration capabilities. Key equipment has long relied on imports. In order to improve the level of domestic equipment, the Ministry of Science and Technology has listed "the development of 100,000 tons / year high-yield chemical mechanical pulp pulping key equipment" as a key topic, which is undertaken by Hangzhou Mechatronics Design & Research Institute of Light Industry and South China University of Technology Through the joint efforts of the project undertaking unit, the high compression ratio screw shaft structure, material and processing method of the press and tear machine, the bearing assembly structure; the disc gap adjustment of the high-concentration disc mill, the seal of the grinding chamber, and the spindle assembly were solved. Key technical problems such as structure, manufacturing and processing accuracy, and automatic control system; screw shaft compression ratio distribution of the press dewatering machine, sieve drum structure, sieve plate aperture and opening distribution; high-concentration bleaching tower unloader rotor structure, etc. The key equipments such as extrusion and tearing machine, high-concentration disc mill, press dewatering machine and high-concentration bleaching tower were achieved, and the domestic production of 100,000 tons of high-yield machine pulp complete equipment was localized, filling the domestic gap.

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