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Advantages and classification of hydraulic pulper
- 2019-11-21-

The paper pulping hydraulic pulper is installed according to the foundation diagram, the concrete foundation is poured, the bolt holes are reserved, and the equipment is installed after 15 days of maintenance. The base elevation is determined by the process layout and operation requirements. The installer can hoist the paper pulping hydraulic pulper equipment to the foundation, correct it according to the center line of the tank body and the axis of the hydraulic pulper, correct the level, check that the installation dimensions are correct, and then pour into the reserved hole of the anchor bolt Concrete. Assemble slurry pipes and slurry gate valves according to process operation requirements. After that, we can install and adjust the motor and configure the protective cover of the drive system. After 15 days of maintenance of the foundation, tighten the anchor bolts, recheck the center and level, and meet the installation quality of 0.1 mm / m, then grout the anchor bolts again. According to the requirements of process operation, clean water pipes are installed for circulating water addition, slag discharge water, washing water, etc. Paper pulping machines are simple to install and use for a long time, and environmental protection is already a good choice for many paper mills.

The supplier of Zhejiang Pulp and Pulp Machinery and Equipment briefly introduces the classification of hydraulic pulpers: Hydraulic pulpers are the main processing equipment used to treat pulp boards, damaged paper and waste paper. The hydraulic pulper can be vertical and horizontal.

The structure of the hydraulic pulper: the main parts are the turntable and the tank. In the vertical hydraulic pulper, the turntable is located at the center of the bottom of the plate. The plate is equipped with a number of impellers (or blades), and a fixed plate with multiple blades is installed around the plate. The turntable is driven by a motor provided below the rotating shaft, and a sieve plate with a hole is arranged on the bottom of the groove near the turntable to communicate with the discharge port. The rotary disc, fixed disc and screen of the horizontal paper shredder are located on the side of the tank.

The advantages of the hydraulic pulper are: 1) the fiber is only degraded without cutting; 2) the production efficiency is high, the disintegration time is short, and the power consumption is low; 3) the structure is simple, the maintenance is convenient, the cost is low, and the area is small; Convenient operation, wide application range, can handle a variety of waste paper and pulp paper; 5) can achieve continuous and automated operations. Its disadvantage is that the pulp contains more small pieces of paper after disintegration, which affects the pulp quality.

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