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Papermaking equipment manufacturers analyze the three advantages of disc thickeners
- 2019-11-25-

The disc thickener produced by the paper machine and equipment manufacturer Guoxin Light Machinery has compact equipment design, easy operation and simple operation, and basically requires no maintenance. The new fan disc design increases the dewatering area; the pulp concentration reaches 10-12%. Three major advantages.
Working principle of disc thickener produced by Guoxin Light Machinery:
1. The pulp concentration is between 0.9% and 2.5%.
2. The pulp flows through the weir plate into the groove, at the same time enters the pulp inlet and the disc rotates,
3. Concentrate according to different liquid levels between the tank and the central axis,
4. The outlet concentration is controlled by adjusting the speed and weir,
5. The filtrate is discharged through one or both ends of the central axis.

Maintenance points of thickener:
1. Maintain the mandrel and the fan-shaped filter. Do not bump or squeeze. Fan-shaped filter plates that are not installed or put into use should be stacked neatly in a fixed place. Do not pile heavy objects or step on them to avoid deformation.
2. Frequently check the filter, if you find that the filter is damaged, you should remove the fan filter plate in time and replace the filter.
3. Regularly check the packing seal between the mandrel and the groove wall and the sealing tape at the white water outlet of the mandrel. When the seal is found to be bad, adjust it in time to make it tight and suitable, and the seal to be reliable. When the seal is found to be ineffective, it should be shut down and replaced in time to ensure the sealing effect.
4. Frequently observe the working status of the flushing device. When the nozzle is found to be blocked, first use iron wire or steel needle to conduct it. If it still cannot be cleared, you should unscrew the nozzle to remove dirt.

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