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Zhejiang Guoxin, an expert in Shandong paper machinery industry, introduces the development of pulp and paper equipment to you
- 2018-07-05-

  Pulp and Paper Equipment is a complete set of equipment that links pulp to form a web. Paper Pulp includes the headbox, the wire section, the press section, the dryer section, the calender, and the reel. And auxiliary systems such as transmission parts and steam, water, vacuum, lubrication, heat recovery and other auxiliary systems. The net portion forming the wet paper web is the core of the paper machine, so the paper machine can be further divided into a long net paper machine, a net paper machine and a cylinder paper machine according to the structure of the net portion. The headbox is a device for uniformly and stably feeding the slurry of the appropriate concentration through the cloth, the rectifying device, the sump, the stern nozzle, etc., which is also called the head box; the slurry is from the slurry. After the box is sprayed onto the copper mesh, a wet paper sheet is formed on the net portion and dehydrated; followed by pressing, that is, mechanically extruding the moisture of the wet paper sheet coming out from the net portion, improving the dryness of the paper sheet, and improving the paper. The surface properties of the page eliminate the net marks and increase the smoothness, tightness and strength; then enter the drying section to further dewater the pressed wet paper sheet, shrink the paper, tightly bond the fibers and increase the strength.

  The sheet from the dryer is pressed by a calender After the light, the smoothness, gloss and tightness of the paper can be improved, the thickness of the paper sheet is uniform, and the air permeability is reduced; finally, the paper web is wound into a paper roll by the winder, that is, the main process of papermaking is completed. In order to meet the different needs in the future, there are super calenders, rewinding machines, paper cutters, etc. after the paper machine.       The paper industry consumes large amounts of raw materials, water, electricity, and chemicals, and produces large amounts of wastewater and waste. Therefore, the future of papermaking machinery will be developed to use a wide range of papermaking materials, reduce materials and energy consumption in the papermaking process, and reduce environmental pollution. For more information on the paper machinery industry, please refer to the “2015-2020 China Paper Machinery Industry Development Forecast Report” published by the China Report Hall.

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