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The prospect of Shandong solid waste crushing equipment manufacturer exclusive analysis of the production of solid waste crushing equipment and waste residue recycling equipment
- 2018-07-05-

      The recycling of used plastics is now completely new ,Paper Waste recycling has entered people's field of vision. First of all, all countries in the world, including China, are investing in manpower, material resources, financial resources, innovating key technologies, optimizing management models, focusing on reducing costs and promoting the recycling and reuse of waste plastics. So far, thermal energy recovery, physical recovery, chemical reduction, hydrogenation and other methods have entered the industry. In the past, the domestic waste plastics market was not good, and part of the reason was also attributed to the huge scale of waste plastics imports, which blocked quite a lot of market demand.

      And now, waste plastics The import ban has been issued and the domestic recycled plastics industry will be re-arranged. This also means that domestic demand will gradually shift to internal consumption, and more businesses will choose to tap the recycling potential of domestic waste plastics. The role of the policy's weather vane is huge, and the recycling and recycling of used plastics has already hit the opportunity of transformation and upgrading. According to industry analysts, the renewable resources industry will completely get rid of the history of “scrub waste” and win the dividends distributed by the industry.

     The waste plastic recycling industry is naturally not Exceptionally, all parties are stepping up to push the industry on the right track. Not long ago, the Recycling Plastics Industry Standards Working Committee was formally established to promote the major transformation of China's recycled plastics industry from comprehensive utilization of resources to environmentally friendly disposal of harmless solid waste. After the establishment of the committee, the group standards in the fields of products, technologies and equipment in the recycled plastics industry are expected to reach a high speed, and actively promote the formulation of standards and international standards. Solid waste equipment is also welcoming new business opportunities.

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