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Paper waste residue treatment manufacturers analyze the working principle and use characteristics of paper pulping special washing machine
- 2018-07-05-

      The entire drumhead of the drum of the washer is divided into several compartments, each of which passes through the filtrate flow path. The corresponding cells of the valve seat end face are connected, and the valve core divides the entire end surface into a vacuum zone, a stripping zone and a venting zone. The drum rotates in the tank containing the slurry. Each revolution, each liquid discharge port passes through the vacuum filtration zone, the stripping zone, and the exhaust zone, and the liquid in the slurry flows from the filtrate flow channel due to vacuum suction. The distribution valve is pumped away, and the slurry is adsorbed on the outer surface of the drum, and is peeled off by the scraper to realize the suction filtration, stripping and exhausting process of the slurry.

      Washer includes base The main shaft located in the sieve plate and the two ends of the main shaft are supported by a bearing seat and connected to the main shaft of the reducer through a coupling, and a thrust bearing seat is mounted on the main shaft between the one bearing housing and the water retaining plate, and the grouting port is located Above the sieve plate, the slurry outlet is arranged below the sieve plate, the sieve plate is supported by the sieve plate frame, and the spiral blade is fixed on the main shaft in the sieve plate, and the pitch of the blade from the slurry inlet to the slurry outlet is gradually smaller, and the sieve on the sieve plate is smaller The holes are slotted. The washing machine has a high rate of black liquor, no leakage of finished pulp, and low water consumption. It is suitable for various raw materials Paper waste treatment paper Factory use.

      Washer in application During the process, scaling will occur due to process water, calcium and magnesium hardness, pH, conductivity, total alkalinity, temperature, etc., resulting in the following hazards:

      1. Increase the number of unplanned downtimes, causing production interruptions and affecting the productivity of the unit. Downtime cleaning, increased maintenance costs and additional labor load

       2. Cause paper disease, affect product quality

      3. Increase chemical consumption and pollution load

      4. Cause production accidents and reduce equipment life

      5. Increase energy loss

     Traditional repair methods include shutdown chemical cleaning, shutdown high pressure water cleaning, addition of scale inhibitor, manual mechanical cleaning, shutdown removal and replacement, etc. Method, but it is time consuming and laborious, and the repair effect is not ideal. In response to the above problems, foreign advanced maintenance methods are often solved using an electronic descaler. Compared with the traditional maintenance method, the Decreo electronic descaler is superior in terms of operation restrictions, prevention of scale formation, rust prevention and bacteria prevention, and at the same time, it costs less, does not pollute the environment and water quality, and is maintained in the vacuum washer. There are more and more applications.

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