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Zibo professional paper mill waste sorting equipment manufacturer - paper waste treatment equipment preferred Guoxin light machine
- 2018-07-04-

      China's urban domestic waste contains relatively high levels of lime soil. With the development of urban economy, the improvement of residents' living standards and the changes in residents' fuel structure, urban life The content of coal ash in the garbage will gradually decrease, but so far, the content of lime in some areas of China is still around 50%. Because the calcareous value of the lime soil is low, if the lime soil is not separated and directly enters the incineration system, the lime soil does not have a combustion-supporting effect when it is incinerated. On the contrary, it will hinder the combustion process, take away a lot of heat, waste a lot of energy and increase the amount of coal burned. The professional paper mill waste treatment equipment produces relatively more sulfur-containing flue gas and reduces the service life of the desulfurization and dust removal equipment.
      In addition, there will be relatively more fly ash, which will bring difficulties to the fly ash. The garbage dump managers are aware that if the municipal solid waste directly enters the incineration power generation system without prior treatment, it will cause huge waste of energy, increase relative energy consumption and excessive bulk inorganic matter, and reduce the use of incineration and desulfurization and dust removal equipment. The problem of longevity ultimately leads to high operating costs and does not meet the development thinking of energy conservation and emission reduction advocated by China at this stage. For example, Taiyuan Tongzhou Energy Co., Ltd. built a 1200-ton/day waste incineration power generation project in Taiyuan. Because of the high content of lime soil, a large amount of combustion-supporting materials need to be added for normal operation. Therefore, the construction unit increases the sorting system, Zibo Paper waste disposal equipment, the incineration system after sorting runs well, the calorific value of incineration materials is obviously increased, and the annual combustion cost is saved by tens of millions. Guoxin, give you the best service.