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Analysis of Shandong solid waste crushing equipment supplier: Guoxin light machine paper machine equipment manufacturer preferred for solid waste crushing equipment
- 2018-07-04-

      In today's fast-growing economy and technology, business benefits The main factors that cause direct impact include: the application of mechanical equipment, the production status of the enterprise and the operation of the equipment. There is a necessary link between these factors, which will directly affect the enterprise. Production efficiency and product quality. Therefore, in industrial enterprises, the status of equipment management has gradually increased.
      Papermaking waste is a misplaced resource that contains a large amount of available resources such as fiber, plastic, and metal. The composition of papermaking waste is very complicated, mainly including: rope, cotton yarn, cotton cloth, paper slag, wood chips, rubber, plastic, electronic parts, iron wire, nails, aluminum cans, PE plastic bottles, wax paper glass, stone and sand. How to make resource and harmless treatment of papermaking waste, how to achieve a win-win situation between enterprise development and social responsibility? Become a "heart disease" in paper companies.
     The following is the method of waste disposal:
      While using various reasonable methods to deal with garbage, it is more valuable Garbage is recycled, which includes the recovery of materials and energy. Among them, material recycling mainly studies and develops mechanized and automated sorting garbage technology according to the physical properties of garbage. For example, the waste iron is recovered by the magnetic method; the soft and hard substances are sorted by the vibration bounce method; and the substances having different densities are separated by the cyclone separation method. As flammable waste continues to increase, many countries use it as a source of energy. It is generally used in three ways: 1 as an auxiliary fuel instead of low-sulfur coal; 2 incineration in the incinerator, using its thermal energy to produce steam and power generation; 3 high-temperature dry distillation to produce gas and residue, the gas can be used as fuel, and the residue is cooled to form The vitreous body can be used as a raw material. This method develops more than incineration of high-temperature waste, producing more energy, recycling more materials, and not polluting the air. Therefore, at the same time, scientific and rational use of landfill and incineration methods is being carried out, and waste treatment methods for harmless treatment and long-term beneficial benign circulation orbits are actively studied.

     Solid Waste Crushing Equipment The development of the manufacturing industry has promoted the development of China's domestic paper industry. Equipment plays an important role in production, and is an important indicator of productivity. For details, please call: 13964390696