Bounce Screen

Bounce Screen

Product Details

 Paper Waste Treatment Bounce screen is a newly designed screening device with a parabolic rock vibration structure.

The broken paper-making waste slag is rocking on the inclined flat screen. Large pieces and strips of light plastic (large material) are floated on the upper part and collected, and sent to the cylinder screen. Washing ; Fall through the sieve of paper, fiberboard, wood, hemp and the like (fibrous) lower transport means into the kneading machines for knead into paste.

At the same time, there are 2-4 magnetic separation devices in the corresponding position of the rock screen, which can effectively separate The block and strip metals in the papermaking waste, especially the steel wire metals, are collected to prevent them from being coated in the waste residue.

Heavy solids and non-ferrous metals are centrifuged out of the machine and collected during rock and roll due to their different specific gravity characteristics.