CSM coarse slag screening

CSM coarse slag screening

Product Details

This is a set of dissociation, washing and cleaning, fiber grading Separating light and heavy impurities into one compositegarbage sorting device, can effectively separate the treated slurry and enhance the economic value of the slurry.

According to the slag content of the slag, it is divided into B type and C type, and there are multiple motor power options.

The lower part of the equipment is designed with a feed port. The inside of the casing is designed with an impeller and a sieve plate. The rotating impeller completely dissociates the paper and fiber mass in the slurry (slag) material, and is discharged from the fine pulp port.

slurry (slag) material rises to the middle part of the equipment, designed with a cylindrical rotor and sieve drum, the slurry (slag) material is further dissociated and washed, and the fiber is discharged from the coarse pulp through the sieve drum. The cleaned light slag is discharged from the upper light slag port and collected in the material bag. The heavy slag is discharged from the heavy slag.